Technology Core Values

Disruptive technology

  • Doing more with less – less inputs, less costs, less environmental impact
  • Five steps in one scalable reactor
  • None or reduced amounts of chemicals
  • Save 30% – 45% energy
  • Works in al kind of liquids

Bio Economy

  • We consider the final product already in the 1st step, this decides how we process the substance. We base our system completely from natural processes which saves the use of a lot of chemicals, energy and money – trust nature!
  • We start with the particles physical and chemical properties as to affect them in some way. After that we investigate what flow capacity is suitable. It is easier to work in that order, and not the other way around, to avoid being held hostage by the actual capacity of the purification process when calculation the flow.
  • We use the properties of the substances and particles that are already present in the liquid to optimize flocking instead of adding additional substances as they would too have to handled at the end of the process.
  • When you work with natures processes you receive a final product which are easier to divide and recycle into new products which in turn may also be recycled. This is circular economy!To trust nature goes hand in hand with a bio-economy.


  • Conserving and Recovering Energy
  • Recovering Nutrients
  • Improving and greening of the water infrastructure
  • Conserving and eventually reusing water
  • Improving performance of small drinking water systems
  • Reducing water Impacts from energy production
  • Improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Improving water quality of our oceans, estuaries, and watersheds