Biomimic Horizon 2020: Flocazur have been invited to participate in a Horizon 2020 project – The Biomimic project. The project will exploreERA-MIN2 BIOMIMIC - ID: 86 4 of 39 naturally occurring bioprocesses, namely biosulfide precipitation and biosorption. Employing beyond state-of-the-art innovations in microorganism mixtures and reactor design is expected to increase the rate of these typically slow biotechnological methods. The expected impacts of BIOMIMIC include: 1/ pushing EU to the forefront of sustainable processing technologies, 2/ improving competitiveness through creation of added value and new jobs, 3/ creating value of raw materials currently landfilled enabling better efficiency of exploitation of raw materials’ resources and 4/ increasing the range and yields of recovered raw materials (including water and energy consumption) leading to reduced environmental footprint. We have been appointed task leader concerning beyond state-of-the-art innovations regarding new reactor design. The project had a kick of meeting in Lund 12/6 – 13/6 where the participants from the different coutries met. Biomimic-Project.EU





Skanska Deep Green Challenge 2017: Flocazur AB has been nominated as one of the top 10 finals in the Deep Green Challenge with the Ecoforce System solution. Deep Green Challenge 2017










Strawberry Stordalen 2017: Following a selection of 3,000 companies, flocazur was nominated as one of five companies to have one of the best environmental innovations. Strawberry 2017